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Before the digital age, people would sometimes visit storefronts that offered what are called payday loans. With exorbitant interest rates, these companies would provide an upfront payment when you need it, using your next paycheck as collateral.

For the unbanked or those who didn’t have enough credit to get a credit card, these loans could be a lifeline to put food on the table, help prevent car repossession , keep the electricity or pay the rent. These loans could also be used for emergencies like car repairs, medical issues, or sudden death in the family.

But they came at a high price. The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau reports that the average payday loan is $320, but the average interest on this loan is $520.

Today, payday loans have largely been replaced by cash advance applications. The apps serve the same purpose: to provide money to people before payday to get through a difficult situation. While some charge interest and fees, others don’t charge fees unless you need the money fast. But, let’s face it, if you’re using a cash advance app, it’s probably an emergency that requires expediting the funds.

Still, fees on cash advance apps tend to be lower than payday loans, and many have no interest charges. But most require you to download an app called Plaid that links all your bank accounts and financial apps for added security and ease of use. Some people avoid Plaid because it forces them to link their bank account to a third-party app that isn’t their payment provider. In other words, Plaid is an intermediary in transactions between consumers, banks and payment platforms, including many cash advance applications. People can trust the app they’re using – whether it’s PayPal or a cash advance app – but they may be hesitant to trust a third party they don’t. wanted or, in some cases, not even heard of.

What is a plaid?

Plaid powers many well-known financial apps, including Venmo, Betterment, Chime, and Dave. Plaid connects to more than 11,000 financial institutions in North America and Europe, according to the company’s website.

Plaid encrypts data and transmits it securely, acting as an intermediary between banking and financial apps and the businesses or consumers who use the apps.

Is Plaid Trustworthy?

Plaid uses security and encryption protocols to protect your data. It also offers 2-factor authentication protocols, which some banks may not. Plaid offers convenience and security when it comes to managing your money online. Company Terms of Use promise never to rent or sell your information to other companies, allowing you to control which companies have access to your data and specifically what data may be shared with those companies.

However, even with protocols and certifications in place, Plaid has faced a class action lawsuit alleging the company took “inappropriate steps” when securing connections between users’ bank accounts and online apps or apps. financial services, according to a Fox29 report. The lawsuit alleged that Plaid obtained more data than necessary for transactions and also obtained user login credentials through its interface, Plaid Link. Plaid users between January 2013 and November 19, 2021 may have received money as part of the class action. However, the lawsuit took place before Plaid was acquired by Visa, the most reputable and largest credit card network in the United States.

Still, the bad publicity, especially for security and finance apps, tends to persist, and many people may be hesitant to download Plaid for their personal banking and finance needs. You might be wondering, are there any cash advance apps that don’t use Plaid?

Luckily, yes, there are cash advance or earned salary apps that don’t use Plaid.

Cash advance apps that don’t use Plaid

If you’re looking for cash advance apps that don’t use Plaid, keep reading to learn more about them.

1. Advance B9

B9 Advance is a membership-based cash advance application that gives you instant access to 100% of your salary once your account is created. Membership fees range from $9.99 to $19.99, depending on your membership level. The $9.99 Basic Account allows you to withdraw up to $300 instantly during each payment cycle.

To use B9, you must have a checking account set up to receive direct deposits from your employer. According to B9’s privacy policy, users can log into the B9 cash advance application through Argyle Systems instead of Plaid, but only if their employer uses Argyle to manage employee data. Otherwise, you will need to use Plaid to log in and receive your prepayment.

You must also have made at least $300 via direct deposit in the last two weeks before receiving a cash advance through the app to qualify for the service.

2.Cash Master

CashMaster offers a variety of services, including title loans, loans secured by your vehicle as collateral, and cash advances or payday loans from $50 to $500. If you prefer not to use the app, you can receive a check advance in person at a CashMaster store in Tennessee or Alabama.

Otherwise, you can download the Cashmaster app. You will need to provide photo ID, current bank statement, proof of income, and social security verification.

3. Line

Available as an app for Android or Apple, Line gives users access for between $20 and $1,000, depending on the service plan they choose. Currently, for just $1.97 per month, you can access up to $100 in funds, deposited directly into your account at no additional cost. You can also get instant delivery on a Line debit card for $4.

The $9.97 plan gives you access to $500, which can gradually increase to $1,000 with your one-time payments.

Line offers the ability to collect information through a payment processor that facilitates a transfer to your bank account, or through a third-party secure access tool “such as Plaid”. This means that depending on your bank and account setup, Line may or may not use Plaid.

4. Daily payment

DailyPay is a cash advance app provided as a service by many employers, including Kroger, McDonald’s, Lid, T-Mobile, Dollar Tree, and Six Flags. Once you’ve created your account, you can access your payment in advance, immediately, and have it sent to your bank account, debit card or prepaid card instantly for one low fee or the next day. You can also refer friends and colleagues to DailyPay and earn an extra $5 when they sign up and access their pay through the app.

The app also lets you set up the AutoSAVE, DirectSAVE, and RoundupSAVE tools, making it easy to manage your money and set up an emergency savings account to reduce your reliance on cash advances. AutoSAVE lets you save a set amount each payday, while DirectSAVE lets you choose how much you want to save each time you get paid. RoundupSAVE transfers money to your savings account each time you make an advance transfer using the DailyPay app.

Unlike other cash advance apps, DailyPay does not mention Plaid in its privacy policy. This indicates that you can choose to create or complete your account using a third-party website or service. However, this does not seem necessary if you use DailyPay’s online registration form and provide an email address, postal address, mobile phone number, date of birth, proof of identity and password. outmoded.


The Dave ExtraCash account gives you access to up to $500, which you pay back the next time you get paid or – if Dave can’t determine your next payday – the nearest Friday after withdrawing the advance. You’ll receive the funds in 1-3 business days with no fees, or you can pay between 99 cents and $6.99 to have the money deposited into your Dave Spending account in seconds. For a fee ranging from $2.99 ​​to $11.99, you can have the funds transferred to an external bank account.

According to Dave’s privacy policy, Dave uses Plaid or Galileo to transfer information between the platform and your financial institution, making Dave one of the cash advance apps that doesn’t necessarily use Plaid.

Final grip

If you use peer-to-peer payment platforms, it may be harder to find cash advance apps that don’t use Plaid as a third-party intermediary between the platform and your financial institution. But some cash advance apps use other means to receive and verify bank account information, including third-party services like Argyle Systems or Galileo Financial Technology.


  • Which apps give you instant cash advances?
    • Once your account is set up, the B9 app gives you instant access to up to 100% of your salary as a premium member, and $300 with their basic account. CashMaster also provides immediate cash advances in person or through the app. Line gives you instant access to funds on a debit card for one low fee. DailyPay lets you start accessing your payroll from day one of using the app. For a small fee, you can receive cash instantly into your Dave Spending account using Dave ExtraCash.
  • Does Brigit use Plaid?
    • Like many cash advance apps, Brigit uses Plaid to connect her platform to your financial institution.
  • Which app will give me $100?
    • Line, B9, CashMaster and DailyPay users can instantly access $100 depending on the membership plan you choose and the amount of your paycheck.
  • Does Dave use Plaid?
    • Dave uses Plaid or Galileo Financial Technology to obtain bank account and transaction information.

Information is accurate as of November 7, 2022.

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