Loans and Labor

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The Labor Office is responsible for unemployment benefit in the event of unemployment. Being an active job seeker is one of the conditions for entitlement to unemployment benefit. In some cases, you may be entitled to unemployment benefits during education if you attend labor market courses, or during short-term daytime education.

Payment of rehabilitation


If sickness means that one cannot go back to previous work, but has good opportunities to work in another job or in another occupation, the labor office is responsible for offering vocational guidance. The Labor Office is responsible for the payment of rehabilitation or rehabilitation money to persons who after the sick leave period are still unable to work or need medical treatment.

Here you can apply for housing aid for the deceased, loans and support to those affected by the urban renewal, application for change of payment terms for those with municipal loans, and refinancing of mortgages.

Debt-sufferers tend to push such problems ahead


Make sure the criteria for unemployment benefit are met. Debt-sufferers tend to push such problems ahead, for example, by receiving unemployment benefits at the same time as they have income, or by failing to register as unemployed and feeding on undeclared work to prevent creditors from seizing money.

This one should be aware of. It is important to motivate the individual to think about the future, while at the same time making it clear that a debt arrangement will ask to save money for living and living. A debt arrangement should be conditional on orderly working conditions or orderly unemployment. By the latter, I mean active job search during the negotiations.

The housing office in each municipality is usually responsible for processing applications for municipal housing, applications for loans and grants for the improvement of housing and loans and grants for the purchase of housing.

Payment changes and debt schemes

Payment changes and debt schemes

In most municipalities, the processing of applications relating to payment changes and debt schemes, public as well as private, will take place at the housing office. The Housing Office (in some municipalities social office) also conveys an application for state housing assistance (the Honest Bank’s housing benefit scheme) and municipal housing support in municipalities where this scheme exists.

In debt cases where real estate occurs, we always ask for a mortgage certificate. The certificate shows all liens on the property. When contacting the city printer / sorcerer, you will be given a copy of the basic book on the current property by entering the farm number, use number and any section number on the property.