New Alternative No Credit Necessary Home Loan Financing with cost rates starting at 1% per month and terms up to 10 years

The reporter for this article is Adam Cox, from Cox Business News, Adam studied at both Harvard Business School and Cornell Law and now enjoys writing Business News part-time

Author Adam Cox at the beach with a puppy who is a 12-pound pug named Cindy Crawford (after the model) after recently graduating from Harvard Business School, but before starting law school business at Cornell

Author Adam Cox at the beach with his pug puppy named Cindy Crawford after recently graduating from Harvard Business School but before starting business law at Cornell

New financing program announced for real estate with no credit and no income required, this program can close in 10 to 14 days with a fee of 1% per month often

This no credit home loan alternative is a great option for homeowners with bad credit and HIGH LTVs who need money fast and don’t want to move or otherwise vacate their property.

— Adam Cox from the Business Secured Finance website

OKLAHOMA CITY, ESTADOS UNIDOS, October 15, 2022 / — Interest rates are skyrocketing and banks have tightened their belts on their loan books, leaving more Americans than ever shocked by sky-high interest rates and, worse, by the absolute decline in their loan applications to buy or refinance real estate.

That’s where this new program from a popular .org website comes in. This new financing program puts money in the hands of many homeowners who have recently tried to get financing just to be told no!

For homeowners who need money now or very soon, there are few options if they have bad credit, no credit, tax issues, or UCC liens, and most options available to them. granted do not allow them to take advantage of the most valuable asset, their real estate. That’s where this new program from GuaranteedBusinessFunding comes in. The new business secured finance website program allows anyone who owns real estate to get cash at an effective cost of 1% per month for up to 10 years.

How is it possible to get Quick real estate financingit is also a Guaranteed real estate financing option, where there are still some, also has the advantage of being a no credit required Real estate financing transaction? Well that’s with the new sale and leaseback, which is a real estate sale and leaseback with some really cool twists, first you can possibly get a 10 year option to buy the property back up to 25% off less than its estimated value at the time the transaction took place. You can also get a low cost on your leaseback, which is often an immediate effective cost of just 1% per month. You also have plenty of time to pay, up to a 10 year sale-leaseback period, during this period you can buy out the property, and most sale-leasebacks offer the option to buy out the property at a discount of up to up to 25% based on original appraised values ​​of the property during that 10 year period. This program also closes quickly, you can complete that real estate transaction in as little as 10-14 days. However, this program is best for those with bad credit or no credit, because if you have good credit, an SBA loan would be a better value. Also, it is important to note that this program requires significant equity, with a minimum equity of 50% LTV in real estate to qualify for what is a sale-leaseback on the real estate you own and want. continue to live or use. It is also very important to understand that a leaseback is not a loan, you are actually selling the property and because it is a real estate sale your credit rating does not matter. . However, there is a big advantage because this sale-leaseback program offers owners benefits that other programs do not, most importantly the ability to eventually redeem the property within ten years for a cost of up to 25% less than the original appraised value of the property. There are some restrictions to this, and this option may not be available in all states, so you want to check when applying if it’s offered in your area and your exact circumstances, but for the most part, everyone with an LTV of 50% or better will qualify.

The reporter for this article is Adam Cox of Cox Business News, a native of Oklahoma and a frequent traveler who has lived in Paris, Berlin, Rio Janeiro, Miami and Los Angeles, in addition to having a certification in alternative investments from Harvard Business School, Adam Cox is also studying business law through Cornell Law School.

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Learn about no-credit-needed real estate financing options in this video from Guaranteed Business Funding

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