Real estate investors can get up to $100,000 LOAN FREE with this new financing solution

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Invest in real estate? Tired of banks and the royal headache that comes with getting a loan approved?

Here is a revolutionary alternative: the finance company futurerent has created a new loan-free, simple, fast and 100% financing solution designed for real estate investors to make the most of their rental income.

Without a loan, you ask? Yes, this is the ultimate game changer. Let us tell you more.

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Financing without a loan

futurerent changes real estate financing in more ways than one, giving investors the ability to build on their property without having a cumbersome long-term bank loan.

Instead of conventional loans, they simply advance your tenants’ rent. Essentially, you request an amount and receive it in days.

Instead of paying them back through a high loan, they are paid off from your tenants’ rent.

“We are a growing Sydney-based start-up trying to solve big problems,” said CEO and Founder Godfrey Dinh.

“The main difference between Futurerent and any loan is that you don’t borrow money – you just pay your rent in advance.

“We are delighted that in just two years of operation we have unlocked over 277 years of rent for property investors across Australia.

“Our clients have used the money to purchase additional properties, renovate their dream homes and reinvest in their businesses.”

Say goodbye to unnecessary paperwork

When you request your amount, there is no tedious paperwork, because futurerent does not use complex service criteria, nor does it monitor customers’ personal income and expenses.

You can get up to $100,000 in two days with no interest, hidden fees, appraisal, bank statements, credit impact or income verification.

Futurerent will work closely with the property manager to obtain the necessary documents and you can start using the money to work on your next property.

Two smart phones showing the Futurerent app

Two smart phones showing the Futurerent app

How it works?

Using futurerent allows the investor to keep his cash and collect up to 60% of his rental income throughout the repayment period.

Futurerent offers two packages, depending on the use of the money.

For each investment property a client owns, they can access either:

1. Up to two years’ rent up front – if they use the money to help buy additional property. This can be repaid over three years.

2. Up to one year’s rent in advance – if they use the money for other purposes, for example: renovating their own home or an investment property, investing in a business or buying stocks. This can be repaid over a year and a half, two or three years.

futurerent charges a fixed cost of 6% of the advance on rent each year, with a maximum repayment period of three years.

For example: Tim has an investment property rented for $3,000 per month. If Tim wants to buy another property, he can get two years’ rent up front ($72,000) to cover his down payment and pay it back over 3 years.

To estimate how much up-front rent you can get, use Futurerent’s easy online calculator.

Six green and yellow icons on a white background showing the best Futurerent options.

Six green and yellow icons on a white background showing the best Futurerent options.

Rave reviews for Futurerent

As a new quick financing option, futurerent is “on a mission to radically transform the way real estate investors access finance”.

The company has caused a stir in the market, with Financial Review, and Domain all praising Futurerent as the new way forward.

Futurerent really gives people a breath of fresh air in the real estate market. Investors can build and grow without long-term debt.

Want to see if Futurerent could help you? Head to their website and unlock your opportunity to invest and develop your property.

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