Reno Rebuild Project Rewards Sierra Mobile Storage with $ 28,000 Small Business Loan

The Nickel by nickel Reno Rebuild fund is expanding to provide one-time loans to small, local downtown businesses. In January, the project will provide a $ 28,000 loan to Sierra Mobile Storage providing storage solutions for Reno, Carson City, Lake Tahoe and the northern Nevada region.

The Reno Rebuild Foundation is an alternative to financial support and rewards single businesses with loans of $ 5,000 to $ 50,000. These loans are spread over 3 to 5 years at a low interest rate. All interest and loan repayments go directly to the Reno Rebuild Fund for future projects and investments in our community.

The global Covid-19 pandemic has brought a new need for the local community for financial support and for small businesses. Last September, the owners of the Reno Rebuild project graciously provided the owners of Bar Down Hockey with a $ 50,000 commercial loan and continue to show their support by selecting Sierra Mobile Storage as the 2022 beneficiary.

Owners Luke and Staci Stevenson saw a need to start their new business in January 2020 after studying self-storage for several years and seeing the growing demand in our area. They ultimately created the opportunity to offer safe and secure storage coupled with personal and business service and communication.

Every time a guest has a drink or meal at Sierra Tap House, Ole Bridge Pub, and Brewer’s Cabinet, one nickel per item sold goes to the Reno Rebuild Fund. When the fund can, fund holders Michael Connolly, Chris Kahl and Zachary Cage, owners of the establishments listed above, help select a compelling idea from an individual based in Reno to receive a small business loan to do of their dream come true.

In the shadow of the pandemic, the biggest challenge for homeowners is finding the money to buy containers quickly enough to meet demand. Traditional financing has been difficult because banks have specific and strict guidelines for lending to new businesses. “Reno Rebuild is such a rare and valuable program. According to owner Luke Stevenson, “They have been where we are, struggling to secure funds to grow and prosper.”

Being a locally owned and operated store allows owners to devote special attention to each customer, providing a safe and secure storage experience. “What we’re looking for is a great idea that will bring something new to our city and improve our lives,” said Kahl, co-founder. “Sierra Mobile Storage is exactly the type of business that we are striving to support,” Kahl said.

Reno Rebuild Loan is a low interest rate loan with full principal and interest returned to the fund to help it grow, so more ideas are funded each year. All money raised stays in Northern Nevada, supporting the local economy and helping to rebuild our community – one small business at a time!

This year, Sierra Mobile Storage recognized the rapid influx of new residents to the Reno-Tahoe Basin; the company will use the financial support to increase storage inventory and support services. With the growing community support from businesses, it made sense to support the continued growth of this business through the Reno Reconstruction Project, ”said Cage, co-founder.

If you want to support the Reno Rebuild project, you can easily buy a beer or a meal at the restaurants listed above; your nickels will add up. To be a bigger part of Reno’s brilliant rebuilding project, donate directly (and over a dime!) To the fund. Help uplift our community and make a dream come true.

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